Zlatan Znoring

The amazing goal, and the overhead kick, of Swedens Zlatan Ibrahimovic against Englands team, has been praised all over the world, even in England

Now the Nestlé owned coffe roasting company Zoegas, located in the same part of Sweden as Zlatan grew up, wants to celebrate the hero. Or you might say that Zoegas takes the opportunity to parasitize on the triumph of Zlatan.

Another interpretation is that the copy of the ad is an expression of snoring.

Agency: DDB Stockholm


Like a Armed Forces Reality

Do you like the Swedish Armed Forces? I mean, do you really LIKE the Swedish Armed Forces?

Well, a ”Like” at Facebook is’t enough, according to a new recruitment campaign from the military and DDB Stockholm.

If you really want to express your ”Liking” you have to go, beyond the comfort in front of Facebook, out into the real world and literally press the Like buttons.

The campaign, with the tagline ”Welcome to our reality”, has deployed analog Like buttons at different locations in Sweden. Now it’s up to you to find the right Likes (well, the campaign page has maps).

Then – if you discover the reality Likes you might be of  the right stuff for the Swedish Armed Forces.

Agency: DDB Stockholm

A Sweet Story from the Future

When companies have visions of tomorrow – it’s always boring. See, for example, the stiff business woman in the science fiction from Microsoft.

This kind of future never evokes curiosity. Usually it is random selections from the R&D Department and the rest is cgi. Touchscreens, touchscreens, touchscreens everywhere and despite that everyone touches everything it is very tidy eveywhere.

The new future film, a commercial for a new broadband service, from the Swedish telephone company TeliaSonera has all the ingredients of traditional company future . But in one way it’s different: it has a sweet love story.

The action takes place at a movie studio and there is an explanation for that. The commercial is directed by team Björn Stein/Måns Mårlind. They did a Hollywood appearance last year directing the vampire flick ”Underworld Awakening”.

But unfortunately, there are no exciting vampires in the future of TeliaSonera.

Agency: DDB Stockholm

The New Opera Soap

We all love to sing arias in the shower. Don’t we? Anyway, very few of us want to listen to arias at the Opera.


DDB Stockholm may have the answer.

The new campaign for the Royal Swedish Opera has found the missing link between the shower and the opera scene. It’s the soap.

Therefore, the Opera is now selling the ”Opera Soap”, a new soap brand with three different scents (Carmen, La Bohème and Tosca) at the leading department store in Stockholm. The lyrics of the scents are included.

It’s an expensive soap, 30 dollars, but a ticket to the Royal Swedish Opera is included too.

Agency: DDB Stockholm

Build a Bug

DDB Stockholm, The Fun Theory-agency, has launched a Facebook game targeted at Volkswagen Beetle builders.

Look for car parts at Facebook, at VW Swedens homepage and find clues when you listening to local radio station Bandit Rock. First to build a virtual Beetle wins a real one.

Not a Grand Prix nor a laughter – but it’s ok.

Agency: DDB Stockholm

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