Sick Old Punkrocker

Do you know the old men from Bad Religion? If you do, it makes it easier to understand the new commerical from the pharmacy Apoteket.

It begins with an old man sitting in the kitchen looking at a post-it saying ”Don’t forget to pick up your medicine.” It’s probably a message from his wife and for some reason he doesn’t like it.

Then you see a tiresome cliche when the old guy transforms into a punk rebel smashing the home decorations. The story ends when he order his medicine from the computer. You know, very rebellious.

Well, this is not innovativ advertising and old men destroing porcelain figurines has never been funny. But you can notice one finesse inside the commercial. The music is the track 21st Century Digital Boy of punkband Bad Religion.

Agency: Forsman & Bodenfors


Scary Commercial

Halloween seems to be a trigger for advertisers all over the world. Swedish advertisiers is no exception.

This year Netonnet, a Swedish online retailer of home electronics, promotes sales of dvd:s with a Halloween commercial.

The agency, Garbergs, was inspired by the creepy theme and made a 90 seconds summary of the last fifty years of horror movies. But the commercial was too good or rather too scary. TV4, the big commercial Swedish tv-channel, refused to show it and Garbergs had to censor.

But you can still see the uncensored edition of the horror commercial of Netonnet here at Swedish Ad Beat.

Agency: Garbergs

Pretty in Diapers

It’s Roy Time – the annual Swedish commercial award, initiated by Swedish Film & TV Producers (and named after the Swedish film maker and commercial director Roy Andersson).

One of the nominees is this shock of sweetness from director Anders Skog and agency Forsman & Bodenfors. It’s a heart warming romcom about diapers and probably one of the cutest commericlas ever made (in Sweden).

Agency: Forsman & Bodenfors


”Excuse my Lousy Commercial”

 Two weeks ago I wrote about Swedish creatives who hate the commercial from home electronics store Siba. The Siba commercials were, without doubt, noisy, silly and had too many discount offers.

But the reaction from the creatives is pathetic too.

And now Siba, and the agency Valentin&Byhr, have sent the detractors an answer. In a new “music video” the CEO Fabian Bengtsson is singing for forgiveness for the poor commercials.

Maybe it’s a bit odd to excuse a commercial with a new commercial but the clip is extremely funny and it is undoubtedly a theft from David Brents classic video.

Of cause – the Swedish creatives are still sulking.

Agency: Valentin&Byhr

This Transforms Swedish Creatives to Mad Men

The commercials for Siba, one of the big chains of home electronics retail stores in Sweden, is the subject of extensive hatred among Swedish creatives.

If you are in the business you must highlight your indignation in public. Even local brand gurus rage over Siba and discuss what’s important in advertising. The conclusion: Siba is bad.

The commercials are in the old fashion car salesman genre. They are noisy, silly and has many discount offers.

Interestingly, Siba is the primarily target of the criticism from the creative community. The agency, Valentin&Byhr, has survived unscathed.

The campaign is called I Fabians värld (The World of Fabian) and the guy in the commercials is Fabian Bengtsson, CEO of Siba and grand son of the store chain founder.

Agency: Valentin&Byhr

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