Visit a Curator of Sweden

Maybe media is the message. But a more important formula of Sweden is People are the Media.

Do you remember Curators of Sweden, the Twitter campaign from the Swedish tourist agency Visit Sweden? All Swedish citizens can apply to represent Sweden at Twitter and every week there is a new curator updating the Twitter account @SwedenIt’s marketing in a Swedish  democratic style.

Although @Sweden has few followers the account has received worldwide attention. Especially after TV host and comedian Stephen Colbert started a campaign to become a Curator of Sweden (no, he failed).

Of course, the ad agency behind the project, Volontaire, was rewarded a herd of Cannes Lions 2012.

Now it’s time to take the next step. The new campaign Visit a Swede is an embodiment of @Sweden. You have learned about Sweden when following The Curators of Sweden and now you can visit them in real life.

You sign up at the webpage of Visit a Swede and the web page will match you with an appropriate Swede. 10 000 Swedes have already sign up to take care of a visitor. They will take you for a coffee, visit nice restaurants, you can exercise at gym, they might offer you a bed or just to hang around.

Visit a Swede is a development of webpages like Meetup, CouchSurfing, Tripping and follow an international trend where tourists want to become a part of the everyday life in countries they visit.

What is interesting is that 10 000 Swedes are the media channel of the campaign. The marketers at Visit Sweden say ”…the Sweds are the best marketing asset of Sweden.”

Let’s hope Stephen Colbert will arrive in Sweden soon.


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