Ad Trip Ticket to North Korea

The Ad for the North Korean Contest

Earlier this year, The Association of Swedish Advertisers, ASA, carried out a major study of the Sweed’s attitude towards advertising.

The organisation didn’t like the result.

One of three thinks advertising is something evil, 80 percent dislike tv commercials and only 10 percent think ads are entertaining.

The advertisers explanation of the negative attitude is that the customer is always wrong (or rather: people don’t understand the importance of advertising). A grumpy and understandable respons.

Next step in the pr work of ASA was, however, really strange. ASA announced a contest for all Sweeds who dislike advertising and the first prize was a trip to North Korea. The header for the contest was “Stroll freely on ad free streets.”

The public respons to the contest was mixed. Some stated that you shouldn’t joke about a dictatorship. The president of ASA, Anders Ericson, replied that not everyone understands irony.

Anyway, 1200 submitted reasons why they should win the trip to the ad free North Korea. Now ASA has appointed a winner of the contest. A guy named Anders Högmark is the lucky (?) one. One of the things he wrote was ”I am so tired of the ad nonsens” and finished the reason with anxious curiosity “But just so I understand correctly – is it a round-trip ticket? “


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