A Sweet Story from the Future

When companies have visions of tomorrow – it’s always boring. See, for example, the stiff business woman in the science fiction from Microsoft.

This kind of future never evokes curiosity. Usually it is random selections from the R&D Department and the rest is cgi. Touchscreens, touchscreens, touchscreens everywhere and despite that everyone touches everything it is very tidy eveywhere.

The new future film, a commercial for a new broadband service, from the Swedish telephone company TeliaSonera has all the ingredients of traditional company future . But in one way it’s different: it has a sweet love story.

The action takes place at a movie studio and there is an explanation for that. The commercial is directed by team Björn Stein/Måns Mårlind. They did a Hollywood appearance last year directing the vampire flick ”Underworld Awakening”.

But unfortunately, there are no exciting vampires in the future of TeliaSonera.

Agency: DDB Stockholm


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