The Love Bar is not for Sale

A sweet love story. Plopp is a classic chocolate bar brand owned by Cloetta, a Swedish confectionery producer. Two years ago Cloetta produced a Love Plopp campaign. Instead of Plopp it was written ”Kärlek” (Love), ”Lycka” (Happiness), ”Puss” (Kiss) and ”Kram” (Hug) on the packaging.

The idea was to spread love and happiness all around.

It was a success and Cloetta made a relaunch at Valentine’s Day this year.

There was one problem. The Valentine’s Day’s ads showed the love and happiness bars but you couldn’t find any in the candy store. It is claimed that a packaging machine at Cloetta had broken down.

You could still buy ”Kiss” and ”Hug” bars but that was not enough and a love hungry woman has reported Cloetta to the Swedish Consumer Agency. She had planned serving love and happiness bars at a wedding but the wedding guests were left with just kisses and hugs. What a disaster.

A spokeperson says Cloetta regret the problem the lack of love and happiness has caused.


Stealing from James Bond

The Man from 3 has stolen the storyline from James Bond in this new commercial.

The 3 Man needs it. Adverts from the mobile carrier 3 has been boring for years. Good customer service, low costs etc.

The new campaign is more thrilling. The bad guys, the competitors, in black skiwear, chasing The Man from 3 because of his low prices.

Maybe it’s not the best commercial you have seen but I promise it’s more fun than customer service.

Agency: McCann Stockholm

Wake Up in the Wrong City

If you aren’t already stressed out, you can, if you are in Sweden, download the new app Anywake from the airline Lufthansa.

The wake up call of the app is a sound from a random city somewhere in the world. To turn off the alarm you have to guess which city. If you’re right you get a discount on a ticket to the city. If you are wrong you have to wait until the next morning.

Imagin the situation: to wake up and immediately figure out, in full speed, what you are hearing and then to guess the wrong place. Angry, disappointed and with high heart rate. Good morning.

Agency: DDB Stockholm

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