Just Lennon and Eminem are Missing

Blaklader, Blue Clothes, is a Swedish workwear brand for blue collar workers. The new Blaklader commercial is an anthem for the ”men and women who build our houses, schools and…” so on.

It concludes with ”We call them customers – feel free to call them heroes.”  I guess that last year’s Chrysler commercial has inspired the copywriter .

The only thing missing is John Lennon singing ”Working Class Hero is Something to be” or maybe an angry Eminem.

Agency: Rekyl


A Sheep Princess is Born

While Swedish crown princess Victoria gave birth to a princess, Frank the Sheep, a brand mascot for Swedish telecom operator Tele2, had his own princess.

Frank is the black sheep of the telecom business and is a success for Tele2.

However, Frank has never met any sheep girl. Instead he went to China and adopted a sweet and white lamb called Francis. The succession in the commercials and royal family is secured.

Agency: Forsman & Bodenfors

Ski Clothes Art Directors Love

If you have seen one ad for ski clothing you have seen them all. Alps, steep slopes and sunburned people.

There is probably a reason the ads look like that.

However, the Swedish agency Hummingbirds and photographer Philip Karlberg thougt different when they created a campaign for the webb shop Add Nature.

Instead of dress up models somewhere in Austria they stayed at the photo studio buliding an alp landscape of ski jackets and overalls.

The Add Nature ad is very beautiful and very different. It’s a ski clothing ad art directors love. The rest of us wonder about the functionality of the clothes.

Agency: Hummingbirds

A Lie in the Snow

Strangely enough, Sweeds up here in the north are taken by surprise every year when they are buried in snow.

And the railway companies are even more surprised when the locomotives are stuck in the cold. Every year.

This is the airlines’ fortune and subsequently almost every year we can see advertising like the following for Swedavia, an airport operating company. It says ”But the planes are flying as usual.” Which is of cause a lie.

It should have said: ”Sometimes better than trains and cars when it snows.”

Agency: Fältman & Malmén

”Excuse my Lousy Commercial”

 Two weeks ago I wrote about Swedish creatives who hate the commercial from home electronics store Siba. The Siba commercials were, without doubt, noisy, silly and had too many discount offers.

But the reaction from the creatives is pathetic too.

And now Siba, and the agency Valentin&Byhr, have sent the detractors an answer. In a new “music video” the CEO Fabian Bengtsson is singing for forgiveness for the poor commercials.

Maybe it’s a bit odd to excuse a commercial with a new commercial but the clip is extremely funny and it is undoubtedly a theft from David Brents classic video.

Of cause – the Swedish creatives are still sulking.

Agency: Valentin&Byhr

Let’s Play Café

Imagine yourself drinking a macchiato at a café. Then, suddenly, the seat starts moving upwards and downwards, the coffee is spilled and the lights starts to flicker.

And that is not enough, you realise you are on a web cam and a moron somewhere is playing with the café interior and with you.

Fun? Well, of cause. If you are the moron.

But can you see this is a campaign for better design? In Helsinki, capital of Finland?

The aim of the campaign page Kauko is to show the difference between good and bad design. In an interactive way. Or more correct: how to treat people like lab rats.

Swedish digital agency Perfect Fools and Finnish agency Hasan & Partners are the brains behind the internet controlled café.

The New Opera Soap

We all love to sing arias in the shower. Don’t we? Anyway, very few of us want to listen to arias at the Opera.


DDB Stockholm may have the answer.

The new campaign for the Royal Swedish Opera has found the missing link between the shower and the opera scene. It’s the soap.

Therefore, the Opera is now selling the ”Opera Soap”, a new soap brand with three different scents (Carmen, La Bohème and Tosca) at the leading department store in Stockholm. The lyrics of the scents are included.

It’s an expensive soap, 30 dollars, but a ticket to the Royal Swedish Opera is included too.

Agency: DDB Stockholm

Nicest Agency Award in Sweden

Kristoffer Gandsager is a young, smart art director from Denmark who wanted an agency gig in Sweden.

He knew that vanity is a sore spot among Swedish creatives.

Therefore, in December last year, he announced a new agency contest that measured, not what the agencies do but what they are. Or, as he expressed it in Swinglish ”Swedens Most Gästvänliga Agency” (most hospitable agency).

Nine of Swedens best agencies entered the contest, ie they invited the jury/the Danish art director looking for a job, to their offices.

He was received with lots of kindness and gingerbread at every agency.

A tough competition but Crispin Porter+Bogusky Europe won thanks to a lunch invitation and a ”when-can-you-begin”-attitude.

A new trophy at CP+B’s office.

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