Williamsburg Dreaming

Nine out of ten young creatives in Stockholm are dreaming of living in Williamsburg New York.

They dress like they do in Williamsburg, listen to music from Williamsburg and drink like they drink in Williamsburg.

Sweden is, outside New York, consequently the prime market for Brooklyn Breweries. It’s obvious why but the management of the small brewerie has no explanation (in Swedish) but they are learning Swedish to better understand the Swedish (hipster) culture. .

Now the luxery beer Local1 is reintroduced in Sweden. And Brooklyn Breweries first Swedish ad campaigne is full page prints in the major dailys of Stockholm. It is, even in this hipster haunt, extraordernarely that an American craft brewerie has full page ads to market a limited edition beer.

The ad is an adaptation of a two year old ad in New York Times. That’s, of cause, essential for a Williamsburg dreamer

Probably you can see the ad in the iPad editions because the hard core customers never read newspapers.

Agency: WDW Creative

(The box in the botten of the ad says that “…is more likely to suffer from an accident involving alcohol in the body…”, a kind of enlightenment you must have in a Swedish ad for alcohol)


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