Refreshingly Fresh

There is fresh juice and there is fresh juice. Brämhults claim their juice is freshest of them all. The juice shelf life span is 18 days. No more.

How to express this freshness at a campaign page?

Volontaire, the agency of Brämhult, follows the motto ”It’s what you do, not what you say” and has put a ”Best by date” at Brämhults page. 18 days and then the agency squeeze new content, contests, projects and cooperations that ”… are up to date with the continuous flow of information and news.”

We have seen a new web page at the shelf every 18th day since 2009.

The quality of the page is not consisten but the idea  seems to be strong.

A brand survey, from 2010, placed Brämhults at the top, among 15-25 years old in Sweden, of the brand ranking. Last year Volontaire received a third prize at Guldägget (The ad award in Sweden) for

Nevertheless Volontaire keeps on refreshing. Impressive.

One question: wouldn’t it be easier to let the juice speak for itself?

Agency: Volontaire


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