Wanted: Exploding Evil Woman

Sweden’s own action hero Navy Commander Carl Hamilton saved Sweden, and the world, in several books and movies back in the 80s and 90s.

Now there is a new generation of Hamilton movies and this time Swedish macho actor Mikael Persbrandt is playing the tough guy.

But one hero is not enough. Hamilton needs extras in the background. Like an ”evil woman who explods”. You can find the listing at the campaign page for Adecco, a global consulting company specialized in HR.

Adecco is one sponsor of the movie and you can see the brand between the fights on the silver screen if you are lucky (?). But Adecco, and company agency SWE, wanted to be part of the movie business. So the production team gave Adecco the assignment to cast ”cocky chick with a gun” and ”sunbating guy wearing military shorts.” The respond was overwhelming and thousands of hopefuls have applied to the advertisement.

Agency: SWE


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